Bio-Reclaim™ uses an innovative process which allows our microbes to degrade hydrocarbons without posing any health or safety risks. Our system is ecologically safe, restores the contaminated zone into its pristine condition, and reduces insurance costs to our customers.

Find out if Bio-Reclaim™ is right for your remediation needs.

LCR Bioremediation Advantages

  • + Can be accomplished in-place (in situ) thereby eliminating the need for excavation
  • + Ability to access remote areas that are inaccessible or not easily accessible to other technologies
  • + Poses no health or safety risks therefore reducing insurance costs
  • + Ecologically safe and natural process, it is considered “nature’s way” of solving contamination problems
  • + Eliminates air quality and air pollution concerns from volatile chemical evaporation
  • + Offers much less disruption of surrounding, non-contaminated areas
  • + When complete, environment is virtually restored to its pristine condition versus utilizing dispersants or landfills

Bio-Reclaim™ Microbes

  • Hydrocarbons are the microbes’ main nutrient source
  • The microbes mineralize hydrocarbon to water and minute amounts of Carbon dioxide
  • The microbes do not sporify, resulting in continuous degradation
  • Bio-Reclaim™ is pathogen free

Nature provides 1-5 million microbes per gram

Bio-Reclaim™ provides trillions of microbes per gram