In-Situ Remediation

With the use of Bio-Reclaim™ and other natural products, LCR provides in-situ remediation treatments to degrade hydrocarbons. These treatments are cost-effective, natural, and provide no negative ecological impact.

Returning the environment to its natural form.

Applications & Uses

  • Groundwater
    • Anaerobic and aerobic bioremediation practices are used with specific conditioning to remediate groundwater.
  • Abandoned Well Sites
    • In-situ remediation using Bio-Reclaim™ can be applied to remove contamination from abandoned well sites.
  • Fuel Station Sites
    • Bio-Reclaim™ is highly effective in remediating gas-contaminated sites. It is cost-effective and typically does not require the site to be excavated.
  • Underground Storage Tank Leaks
    • Contamination plumes from leaking underground storage tanks can be rectified and decontaminated using Bio-Reclaim™.
  • Oil Spills / Leaks
    • Oil spills and leaks on land and water can be rectified and decontaminated using Bio-Reclaim™.
  • Commercial & Private Property
    • Commercial properties and private properties (residential) are prime candidates for bioremediation.
  • Contaminated Soil & Water
    • Bioremediation works in soil and water. With aerobic and anaerobic solutions, we can treat nearly any form of hydrocarbon contamination.
  • Automotive Facilities
    • Spills and leaks over time at facilities can lead to expensive decontamination efforts. Using Bio-Reclaim™, most automotive products can be completely remediated.

In-Situ Advantages

In-situ remediation is considered non-invasive and cost-effective in removing contaminants. Using complete mixed cultures of bacteria and soil fungi, we are able to remediate all hydrocarbon contamination on-site.  This allows for site cleanup without using expensive excavation procedures.

Bio-Reclaim™ is a revolutionary and cost-effective technology that sustains the environment.