Experts in environmental remediation

Long Chain Reclaim values keeping a clean environment. Through our partnership with F4 Environmental, and our service offerings, we utilize an industry-proven specialized formula, Bio-Reclaim™, to naturally remediate contaminants on-site through in-situ and ex-situ methods.

Why Work With LCR? .

  • + We offer in-situ and ex-situ remediation services
  • + We have an industry proven microbial formula ‘Bio-Reclaim™‘ which is highly effective in breaking down and degrading hydrocarbons
  • + We can access remote areas that are inaccessible or not easily accessible to other technologies
  • + Our solutions are more cost-effective than other remediation services
  • + Our processes help keep greenhouse gases low and reduce liabilities

Our Values

  • Safety
    • We empower our teams with rigorous safety and remediation training to keep them equally safe at work and at home.
  • The Environment
    • LCR drives sustainability through bioremediation technologies that minimize further impacts to our environment.
  • Our People
    • The employees of LCR are the backbone of the company. At LCR, we promote diversity, inclusion, integrity and respect to building a healthy organization.
  • Innovation
    • Through innovation and operational excellence, LCR delivers accessible and affordable remediation technologies.

In-situ remediation solutions... that don't disrupt your business.

We Value Safety

LCR is fully certified and follows strict procedures with complete documentation in all cases of work.