Ex-Situ Remediation

LCR provides ex-situ remediation services in combination with Bio-Reclaim™ to degrade hydrocarbons. Processing up to 1000 cubic metres per day, soil is excavated and loaded into our Earth Cleaning Machine (ECM), and then returned to a clean liner.

No need for landfills, we process on-site

  • Oil Spills
    • Oil spills and leaks on land can be treated after excavation using our ECM and Bio-Reclaim™. 
  • Ground Water
    • Anaerobic and aerobic bioremediation practices are used with our ECM to decontaminate ground water.
  • Brownfields
    • Retail and bulk fuel stations, along with underground storage tanks with long-term leaks can be fully decontaminated.
  • Abandoned Property
    • From abandoned well-sites, to commercial, industrial and private properties, ex-situ services can be used to remediate contamination.

An Alternative to Digging and Dumping

The cost of digging and dumping is high. Ex-situ bioremediation is a cost-effective alternative to remove hydrocarbon contaminants from the environment. We can provide and operate equipment as needed to ensure the safe and effective implementation of bioremediation processes.

It's good for the environment, it's cost-effective, and it's a revolutionary technology.